Wildest Superstars in WWE History

Wildest Superstars in WWE History

Breaking out of our steel cage with this month's edition of List This!, WWE.com returns to the mat-floored jungles to track down the 10 Wildest Superstars in WWE history.

Needless to say, this isn't an easy List; many WWE Superstars lay claim to having what it takes to survive the fierce competition and surrounding elements that would break average people in half. However, after years of painstaking research and study, WWE.com has comprised a standout ten-count of sports-entertainment's greatest feral fighters, animal-crackers and cannibalistic kooks.

Join us on an exclusive expedition that carefully traces the steps of these predatory grapplers and captures their ring behavior on film. All we ask is that you strap into your seats, keep your arms inside the vehicle at all times and enjoy List This!'s wildest ride yet!

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