No beatin' around The Bushwhackers

No beatin' around The Bushwhackers

There have been few tag teams as outrageous yet loveable as The Bushwhackers, the New Zealand tandem sharing the No. 7 spot among's Wildest WWE Superstars. From 1989 to 1996, Luke & Butch thoroughly licked countless opponents inside the ring—and, more literally, the hairless scalp of poor WWE announcer "Mean" Gene Okerlund.

Carrying their homeland flag and making their emphatic arm-swinging walkabout toward the squared circle, these sardine-eating rascals clearly enjoyed sharing a laugh and interacting with fans—often at the expense of their rivals. It was through sheer frustration, not intimidation, that The Bushwhackers bewildered adversaries. Sudden unprompted stances, crazy arm waving, spontaneous hootin' and hollerin' to the crowd…tag teams just couldn't figure these guys out. And those who simply dismissed Luke & Butch as kooky Kiwis in camo usually paid a painful price—through a dual knee-powered Double Gut Buster, or a hardheaded Battering Ram to the midsection.

The Bushwhackers may have lacked the finesse of a Beverly Brothers, the sheer maliciousness of a Nasty Boys, or the half-ton bulk of Natural Disasters Earthquake & Typhoon. Nevertheless, they threw every ounce of their combined 499-pound weight into every match. It may not have always been pretty—particularly during thankfully brief alliances with über-nerdy manager Jamison or a giant kangaroo mascot (which they must have picked up while visiting Australia)—but they often got the job done.

Smashing the badly tuned guitars of Rhythm & Blues at WrestleMania VI. Clowning around in green wigs and face paint as "The Doink-whackers" at Survivor Series 1993. Returning for a brief over-the-top appearance at WrestleMania X-Seven's Gimmick Battle Royal. Although Tag Team gold would ultimately elude WWE's working-class wild men, Luke & Butch earned their long-lasting fame through more than wins and losses; their oddball antics, plus their ability to visibly convey how much fun they were having, have forever distinguished The Bushwhackers as champions in the eyes of their fans.

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