Revenge of the Nord

Revenge of the Nord

From the late 8th to the 11th centuries, common farmers and fishermen from Scandinavia became seaborne Norse warriors who raided, pillaged and ultimately conquered the British Isles and mainland Europe. The impact created by these longship-sailing combatants—"Vikings," as they'd come to be known—was immediate and long-lasting, resulting in the formation of independent kingdoms in England and Scotland.

In 1991 World Wrestling Entertainment entered its own Viking Age with's No. 6 Wildest Superstar, who possessed an incessant Viking rage. Garbed in cloth fibers and pelt boots, and geared with rather disturbing ring accessories—including a long sword, shield and horn-rimmed helmet—The Berzerker was at first dismissed as a Mighty Thor wannabe. However, it didn't take long for his barbaric behavior to show everyone why he had been aptly named after those Vikings in the midst of battle-crazed fits of fury.

If you were an opponent expecting to face a mat technician, you were sorely disappointed; this Nordic nutjob's sole interest was to pound you six ways from Sunday. His other ring skills consisted primarily of dropping to his knees, licking his hand, holding out one wrist and shouting gibberish like "Huss! Huss!" Winning via pinfall was also pretty much a lost cause; when The Berzerker was done toying with his battered conquest, he'd toss them over the top rope, thereby giving him the count-out victory. His master, Mr. Fuji, generally didn't mind; he seemed more satisfied that his 6-foot-6, 323-pound vanquisher lived up to the ancient Scandinavians' conquering customs.

Because he was unable to consistently grasp traditional methods of winning, The Berzerker never won the prize that would grant him access into sports-entertainment Valhalla—the WWE Championship. Still, overpowering well-established Superstars like Kerry Von Erich and "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka, plus instigating brutal assaults against the British Bulldog and Undertaker (the latter of whom he tried to introduce to his sword, on one occasion), would earn the wild throwback much respect from peers and fans alike.

 Thankfully, The Berzerker's reign of terror proved significantly shorter and far less widespread than his ancestors'. By early 1993, he had completely disappeared from WWE and modern-day civilization, sparking varied opinions regarding his whereabouts. Some suggest that he hopped into his longship and journeyed back to his Norse homeland. Other suspicions range from sightings of a pyre-style Viking funeral, to his encasement in a block of ice that's floating throughout the Northern seas. Whatever the case, WWE's waters remain calm so long as The Berzerker follows the Nordic track elsewhere.

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