The ultimate predator?

The ultimate predator?

Hailing from the Isle of Samoa,'s No. 2 Wildest Superstar is far from any average Joe; he's a savage of the highest order. His power is fierce, his fury explosive. Reasoning with him is useless. The only language he recognizes, other than his native Samoan tongue, is brutality; he continually batters his prey until it can no longer move. And he answers by only one name: Umaga.

Since making his debut in April 2006, this 6-foot-5, 350-pound Samoan Bulldozer has plowed through —nay, decimated — the Superstar ranks of World Wrestling Entertainment. His ire runs far deeper than the tribal tattoo ink imprinted heavily across his face. What's he mad about? No one can say for certain…likely because they're not conscious long enough, or at least in any mindful condition to find out.

Handled — supposing that term can even apply to Umaga — by Armando Estrada, the insane Islander's intimidating size and unending rage makes it understandable why adversaries overlook his uncanny speed and agility. By the time they notice, they're hoisted across his broad shoulders and crashing to the mat in a Wild Samoan Drop. Those struggling to their feet in a ring corner instead face the oncoming eclipse of a Samoan Wrecking Ball, charging into them with the velocity of a bullet train. And should one still remain upright somehow, Umaga finishes them with a mighty roar and a Samoan Spike propelled by his taped right thumb.

Umaga may look and smell like an unrestrained savage, but he's not stupid; before his bare feet trample upon opponents, his in-ring instincts often catch them completely off-guard. A thick, rhino-like hide enables Umaga to absorb almost any punishment you can dish out, while his raw power is surpassed only by a near-inhuman stamina, one that cannot be subdued by the most potent of tranquilizer darts.

As a result of such intangibles, the Samoan Bulldozer went unbeaten in his first nine months at WWE, against top-flight Superstars like Kane, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Jeff Hardy, whom he defeated for the Intercontinental Championship. Even those who have bested him in combat, John Cena and Bobby Lashley, would admit that Umaga is a threat unlike any they've ever seen: a nigh-unstoppable force of nature that obliterates anything, and anyone, who crosses his path.

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