Mano a 'manu'

Mano a 'manu''s No. 1 Wildest Superstars actually run as a pack, though not the kind you'll find inside a box of Girl Scout cookies bearing the name of their Pacific island home. Afa & Sika, The Wild Samoans, were a primal tandem that dominated tag team divisions around the globe, claiming 21 tag titles amid a 30-year path of destruction—most prominent among them, three World Tag Team Championship reigns in WWE during the first half of the 1980s.

If you witnessed well-spoken ring strategists or technically sound mat wrestlers in the ring, you were probably looking at The Wild Samoans' unsuspecting adversaries. Afa & Sika were the imposing duo in the opposite corner grunting and picking their noses before obliterating their opponents. "Hardcore" long before the word ever became part of sports-entertainment's vocabulary, these brothers in brutality would sometimes even literally butt heads with each other to get first crack at ripping apart their prey, like a pack of rabid dogs fighting over a single bone. Even Captain Lou Albano, an often-wild mongrel in his own right, knew better than to get between his savages when they were at their most vicious.
While many grapplers rely on their basic instincts inside the ring, Afa & Sika existed almost solely on it. Although their fraternal bond was undoubtedly one key to their success, they were legendary in squared circles for throwing self-caution to the wind. It wasn't just enough to defeat their enemies; if anything, it was more important to punish them with bone-crushing Samoan Drops (a move they forcibly imprinted onto the wrestling map), or propel their Afro-maned, granite-strength foreheads into more fragile skulls. The fruits of inflicting pain and chalking up wins often materialized into their favorite treat—raw fish—so this relentlessly ruthless duo made certain that times of fasting were very few and far between.

No longer an untamed terror within WWE's canvassed woodlands, The Wild Samoans now run among a different, more elite pack—the WWE Hall of Fame, as of 2007. Afa & Sika's membership is a result not so much of their inelegant table manners, but of an unorthodox style and sheer dominance that continues to epitomize the excellence of tag team competition within World Wrestling Entertainment.

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