Coming up crutch

Coming up crutch

When the WWE Universe thinks of The Dudley Boyz from WWE's Attitude era, the phase that echoes through their collective minds is "D-Von, get the table!" However, on one fateful Monday night in 2001, it was the swift sting of a leg crutch, and not their trademark table, that determined the fate of Bubba Ray and his half-brother. And it's this moment of impact that helps the leg crutch stand firm at No. 8 among's list of Unlikely Weapons that impacted WWE history.

The Dudleys  -- then World Tag Team Champions -- returned to Monday Night Raw with elated satisfaction, in the wake of a huge victory over their brother Spike and Chris Jericho on the July 5, 2001, edition of SmackDown. The tough titleholders took great delight not only in winning the match, but in breaking Spike's leg in the process.

Bubba Ray & D-Von charged into Raw on July 9, 2001, ready to use the momentum from their latest assault to conquer the Acolyte Protection Agency (APA) -- John "Bradshaw" Layfield & Ron "Faarooq" Simmons -- in what was sure to be an ultra-intense tag title showdown between two of the most aggressive tandems the squared circle had ever produced.

Both The Dudley Boyz and The APA brought the pain from the opening bell, trading one moment of fierce brutality for the next as they attempted to brawl their way for tag team supremacy. Then, in the climatic moments of the match, Bubba Ray knocked Bradshaw out of the ring, opening the door for D-Von to deliver their excruciating headbutt off the top rope. Bubba Ray then sought to finish the job, exiting the ring in search of the table.

However, as he was recovering his trusty implement of destruction, the injured Spike Dudley appeared without warning, hobbling down to ringside to blast his older brother in the back with his newly-acquired leg crutch. The younger Dudley's act of retribution brought the WWE Universe to its feet, distracting D-Von long enough for the recovering Bradshaw to unleash a Clothesline from Hell and pick up the golden pinfall.

Thanks to Spike Dudley's wielding moment of payback, the APA captured their third World Tag Team Title -- and demonstrated for the WWE Universe how using one's anger as a crutch can, in fact, lead to championship glory.

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