'Lead'-ing the way

'Lead'-ing the way

The brutal confines of the Elimination Chamber is a treacherous weapon unto itself, leaving unpredictability and destruction at every turn. However, at Elimination Chamber 2010, it wasn't just the unforgiving steel that changed the course for one multi-generational WWE Superstar. Ted DiBiase's weapon of choice? A compact - though extremely brutal - lead pipe. This small piece of dangerous metal with a big impact lands at No. 6 on WWE.com's list of Unlikely Weapons that impacted WWE history.

From the moment Ted DiBiase debuted with WWE, The "Fortunate Son" lived up to his namesake. Upon donning tag team gold, he and fellow multi-generational Superstar Cody Rhodes aligned themselves with the powerful Randy Orton, creating the formidable group known as The Legacy. As part of the terrifying trio, the two young guns pledged their loyalty to The Viper, and for nearly two years resorted to whatever means possible to ensure success for The Viper.

All that changed in February 2010,  however, when both DiBiase and Orton earned entry into the six-Superstar Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Championship. Matched up against the formidable opponents of Triple H, John Cena, Sheamus and Kofi Kingston, everything seemingly went as they had planned. The "Fortunate Son" had Orton's back in The Viper's quest to win the WWE Championship. Cody Rhodes - though not in the Elimination Chamber Match - seized his own moment to help The Legacy gain a distinct advantage ... or so he thought.

The multi-generational Superstar ran down to the Chamber and tried to slip Orton a lead pipe to create carnage inside the unforgiving steel. DiBiase intercepted the weapon, however, and surprised everyone when he clubbed first Orton and then Cena. Perhaps the most shocking transgression, though, came when DiBiase pinned Orton, eliminating him from championship contention.

The "Fortunate Son" wouldn't go on to win the WWE Championship that night, though one small lead pipe left its indelible mark on The Road to WrestleMania. Orton would realize that night that he didn't need his Legacy disciples, and one month later, on The Grandest Stage of Them All, he beat Rhodes and DiBiase in a Triple Threat Match, leaving behind the "Age of The Legacy" and ushering in the "Age of Orton."

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