Megaphonin' it in

Megaphonin' it in

"The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart was one of the most effective managers in WWE history. Along with managing various Superstars over the course of his career, Hart always made sure the WWE Universe knew exactly what was on his mind by screaming his high pitch voice through a megaphone.

The electronic bullhorn became synonymous with "The Mouth" and he carried many different versions of it over the years. The megaphone also comes in at No. 4 on's list of unlikely weapons, as Demolition used this object to retain the World Tag Team Championship over their rivals, The Hart Foundation, at SummerSlam 1988.

For many years, Jimmy Hart could be found -- and heard -- in the corner of Bret "Hit Man" Hart and Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. "The Mouth of the South" guided The Hart Foundation to the WWE Tag Team Titles en route to becoming one of the top teams to ever compete in WWE. However, the loudmouthed manager would eventually turn on the pink and black pair, who felt the brunt of Jimmy Hart's disdain in a tag title bout between the Foundation and defending champions Ax & Smash.

On Aug. 29, 1988, Jimmy Hart wanted to prove that it was his electronically amplified words of encouragement that led to The Hart Foundation's past successes. "The Mouth of the South" accompanied then-World Tag Team Champions Demolition, along with their usual manager Mr. Fuji, to ringside as they battled The "Hit Man" & "The Anvil" -- a clash disrupted by Hart's incessant taunts of his former tag tandem as he screamed through his patented megaphone.

Numerous times during in the competition, the referee argued with "The Mouth" in an attempt to silence him and end his ringside distraction. Finally, "The Anvil" had enough of hearing the audible high-pitched shrieks and chased his former manager from ringside to the locker room. With the match now free of the piercing voice of "The Mouth," The Hart Foundation was able to focus on their task at hand and build a huge amount of momentum against their opponents.

Mounting a massive offensive onslaught and comeback, it seemed that it was only a matter of time until the pink and black would reclaim championship gold. With Demolition reeling, Mr. Fuji desperately tried to distract the referee. He succeeded, diverting both the official and Neidhart long enough for Jimmy Hart to sprint down to ringside and toss the megaphone to Ax, who nailed "Hit Man" and knocked him out cold. The legal man, Smash managed to get his arm over The Excellence of Execution, pin one of the two challengers and enable Demolition to retain the tag team titles.

Normally used to amplify Jimmy Hart's already piercing voice, on this night, the megaphone would make its loudest proclamation by costing The Hart Foundation the World Tag Team Championship.

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