Urn-ing his keeper

Urn-ing his keeper

Few objects in WWE history have been as crucial to a Superstar's identity as The Undertaker's urn.

Often speculated to be the source of The Deadman's strength, the mysterious container was carried to the ring by Undertaker's trusted manager, Paul Bearer, and always brought the former WWE Champion back to life right when he needed it. But this macabre source of Undertaker's greatest power became a key part of his worst betrayal in the No. 3 spot on WWE.com's list of "Unlikely Weapons That Impacted WWE History."

The event was SummerSlam in 1996 and The Demon from Death Valley was pitted against his hated rival Mankind in a Boiler Room Brawl. The first match of its kind, the bizarre encounter began in the bowels of Cleveland's Gund Arena, but only ended when a Superstar fought his way to the ring and took possession of Undertaker's urn.

After brawling through a twisted maze of concrete and steel, The Deadman and a battered Mankind barreled toward the ring where Paul Bearer waited with the urn in his clammy hands. But when The Undertaker finally reached his manager and extended his arm to take possession of the sacred container, the pasty ghoul turned his back on the WWE legend.

At first confused, The Demon from Death Valley quickly realized what was happening when Mankind attacked him and held him up so that Bearer could smash his former ally with the urn. The slimy mortician then handed the golden container to Undertaker's enemy, giving Mankind the tainted victory.

Although the deception was one of the most shocking moments of The Deadman's career, Undertaker soon got back together with his manager. But nearly 15 years later at WWE Hell in a Cell, Bearer again used the urn to blind The Phenom with a "mysterious incandescence," resulting in his loss to Kane in a World Heavyweight Championship Match. We're guessing that's the last time Undertaker trusts that creep.

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