Blame that tune

Blame that tune

Jimi Hendrix famously lit one ablaze on stage. Pete Townsend would smash them to bits during concerts with The Who. And, in WWE, The Honky Tonk Man struck a sour note with one in a shameless beatdown of "Macho Man" Randy Savage. For nearly splitting a man's skull, the guitar rockets up the charts to No. 2 on's list of "Unlikely Weapons That Impacted WWE History."

In one of the more memorable matches in WWE, "Macho Man" locked horns with Honky Tonk at Saturday Night's Main Event on October 3, 1987. Just as Savage appeared to be building steam, The Hart Foundation threw water on his momentum. Bret Hart & Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart invaded the ring and took turns pummeling Savage. With Savage's valet, Miss Elizabeth, looking on in horror, the pair restrained their victim while Honky Tonk grabbed his six-string and prepared to smash it over Savage's head.

Before Honky Tonk could "serenade" Savage, though, Miss Elizabeth bravely stepped between the two. The impatient Elvis wannabe shoved WWE's first lady to the canvas, prompting her to slide from the ring. As the brazen beatdown continued, Elizabeth raced to the locker room. Moments later, she emerged with Hulk Hogan and, in triumphant fashion, The Hulkster began to dismantle the terrorizing trio. "Macho Man" would win the bout by disqualification, but, more importantly, this impromptu teamwork between Savage and Hogan would lead to the formation of one of WWE's most formidable pairings, The Mega Powers.

Although Honky Tonk brandished the guitar with ill intent, the final result was a rockin' collaboration of Madness & 'Mania that would carry on to perform some of the heaviest hits ever seen in WWE history.

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