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Foley's hat trick

Foley's hat trick

Mick Foley didn't win the 1998 Royal Rumble in California's San Jose Arena, but he sure made it interesting—in fact, three times more interesting than just about anyone else competing in the 30-man main event—by punching three separate tickets for entry to the big dance. Making the most out of this Royal Rumble first, Mick broke out his personal triple-threat of established ring personas—the Hardcore Legend Cactus Jack (No.1), the maniacal Mankind (No. 16) and the psycho-delic Dude Love (No. 28)—with the hope that one would emerge as the top contender to Shawn Michaels' WWE Championship.

Only Mrs. Foley's baby boy could deliver such an eclectic trifecta of over-the-top ring performances (which registers as WWE.com's No. 9 pick). Sadly, despite forcibly discharging a combined total of four men over the top rope (with the Dudester ousting two of them—"Owww, have mercy!"), none of the "Three Faces of Foley" would be the last Superstar standing in the squared circle. Regardless, neither the combatants, nor the millions of WWE fans who watched, will soon forget what Mick brought to the Royal Rumble that year. And they sure as hell won't forget who.

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