Land of the Rising Ton

Land of the Rising Ton

WWE fans in Sacramento's ARCO Arena had every reason to declare Yokozuna the heavy favorite at 1993's Royal Rumble…and not just because the supersized Superstar weighed more than 500 pounds. There was simply no greater reinforcement for the late sumo giant (except perhaps a few steel girders beneath the ring) than when he drew the No. 27 slot for the 30-man competition.

From the second he entered the ring 'til the moment he hoisted the last Rumble participant over the top rope, Yokozuna was nothing short of dominant. He dished out a then-record seven eliminations, including more "svelte" Superstars like the 400-plus-pound Earthquake, and finalist Randy Savage, whose "Macho Madness" got the better of him when he tried to win the Royal Rumble by pinning his opponent! The super-heavyweight responded to the bonehead move by kicking out so violently that it hurled Savage across the top rope, down to the outside floor.

One could argue that Savage's faux pas didn't really matter in the long run; besting Yokozuna that January night, or throughout most of 1993, would prove virtually impossible. Becoming a two-time WWE Champion that year, he had established himself as the big man of World Wrestling Entertainment…and he earned every ounce of the claim with's No. 8 Over-the-Top Rumble Performance.

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