DMV destroyer

DMV destroyer

Coming in at No. 5 among's Spiciest Moments is WWE Superstar Edge, and a recent trip he made to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The Rated-R Superstar has earned the moniker of "Ultimate Opportunist" by being able to pick the perfect moment to capitalize on any situation, leading him to multiple World Championship reigns. But when it comes to causing motor-vehicle mayhem at the DMV, Edge's "Spicy Side" is in the driver's seat.

Rather than wait on the long lines that have become synonymous with DMV offices, Edge had a surefire plan to hasten picking up some personalized license plates. He used his "Spicy Side's" weakness for Slim Jims, and the ensuing uncontrollable nature of the little guy to wreak havoc on the patrons and employees -- thus giving Edge the opportunity to step right to the front of the line and allowing him to get what he wants.

If that isn't enough "Spicy Side" for you, then we won't even talk about Edge's latest incident in a four-star hotel. Just watch the video and see what happened.

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