Extreme breakthrough

Extreme breakthrough

Coming in at No. 4 among WWE.com's Spiciest Moments is Tazz's truly-groundbreaking battle with Bam Bam Bigelow from ECW's HeatWave '98. The Human Suplex Machine, who had lost to Bam Bam just a few weeks prior, had been left with a bad taste in his mouth.

Picking up where they left off in their previous match-ups, both Superstars brutalized one another at the Extreme pay-per-view, en route to another classic classic between these two powerhouses. After feeding each other the best moves from their arsenals, both men had wandered onto the elevated entrance ramp, with Bam Bam appearing to have gained complete control over his opponent.

Bigelow, looking to finish Tazz, prepared to T-Bone Suplex him from the ramp onto the floor below. But the big man bit off more than he could chew; as he began to lift his opponent, Tazz reversed the move with a devastating DDT, giving Bigelow a mouthful of the ramp and sending both men through the ramp to the floor below.

Though shocked by the sudden turn of events, fans in attendance cheered and roared for the two ring warriors to emerge from the gaping hole that practically broke the ramp into two pieces. Bigelow would climb from the Extreme wreckage first and slowly make his way back to the ring. But the pitbull tenacity of Tazz pushed him to follow right behind and jump onto his opponent's monstrously broad shoulders, locking Bam Bam into the Tazzmission. The submission maneuver would give Tazz the "W," though the Human Suplex Machine-turned-ECW color commentator himself would admit that the intensity of his DDT through the ramp clearly provided him with the opening he needed to achieve his hard-fought victory.

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