J.R.'s BBQ'ed!

J.R.'s BBQ'ed!

SmackDown's play-by-play announcer, Jim Ross, is known for his flavorful commentary and delicious barbecue sauces. But on the night of July 14, 2003, Good Ol' J.R. was subjected to a wholly different type of heat as the maniacal Kane lit Ross on fire in what is WWE.com's No. 2 "Spiciest Moment."

After his debut on October 5, 1997, Kane had cut a destructive swath through WWE, the likes of which have rarely been seen before or since. In an attempt to cover both his physical and mental scars, Undertaker's half-brother originally competed in a full face mask. After losing a match against Triple H at Madison Square Garden, however, Kane was forced to remove the mask, exposing his face to the world. The Big Red Monster's already precarious mental state was cast into turmoil, sending him into one of his most brutal and unpredictable periods.

No one, however, was expecting what Kane did at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis on that mid-July evening. Jim Ross sat down with the recently unmasked Superstar in an attempt to illuminate some of the damaged man's past. Things quickly turned ugly, however, when Kane felt that Good Ol' J.R. was mocking him. In spite of Ross' protestations to the contrary, the Big Red Monster's rage couldn't be soothed as Kane rose from his seat.

"You want to know why I do the things I do?" Kane growled. "The only way you can know is by experiencing them yourself!"

With that, the Big Red Monster attacked Ross, knocking him unconscious. Against the impassioned pleas of multiple WWE employees, Kane reached for a nearby canister of gasoline, which he used to douse the prone Ross, and callously set his interviewer ablaze. Luckily for Ross, the flames were quickly extinguished, preventing any lasting damage to Good Ol' J.R.

There's no doubt that Kane's actions that night constitute one of WWE's most intense, "Spiciest Moments," but the quick actions of WWE staff members prevented it from being one of the most devastating.

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