Gold spice

Gold spice's No. 1 "Spiciest Moment " in sports-entertainment earns its placement for both the subject matter and the reaction. Landing at the top spot is the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair's alleged relationship with Miss Elizabeth, and the ensuing heated response from the "Macho Man," Randy Savage.

It wasn't difficult for then-WWE Champion Flair to drive Macho to near-madness. Along with the help of his associate, Mr. Perfect, the Nature Boy posted more pictures around the world than a kid with a missing dog. The photos served as proof that he had been with Macho Man's wife, and they were all presented with Flair's favorite expression: "She was mine before she was yours."

Like any protective husband or boyfriend, Savage snapped … and it wasn't into a Slim Jim. Their already white-hot rivalry would escalate to WrestleMania VIII, where Macho Man showed no mercy in an intense contest that saw both competitors busted open. After the long bout culminated in a total package, Macho Man had the title to match his golden outfit , becoming a two-time WWE Champion.

When the madness subsided and Savage stood victorious, the scandal turned out to be a false alarm, anyway. The pictures were found to be edited so images of Flair replaced the shots of Macho Man in the married couple's photo album. Despite the Nature Boy's obvious talent in photo editing and his wild imagination, he wouldn't mess with Randy Savage again after seeing his spicy side.

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