Superstars' Spiciest Moments

Superstars' Spiciest Moments joins forces with Slim Jim to bring you a fiery new "List This!" These five moments truly reek of intensity, emphatically defining them as some of the "Spiciest Moments" in sports-entertainment lore.

WWE Superstars have perfected the element of surprise, constantly shocking the WWE Universe with their spontaneity. Whether it be a fan-favorite ring warrior or a Diva who's as sweet as a peach, when their "spicy side" takes over, the result is certainly not for the weak of heart. Slim Jim's flaming hot meat snack has a flavor bold enough to bring out the "spicy side" in anyone -- or anything, including "List This!"

So, brace yourself as counts down several of the "Spiciest Moments" ever to take place in the squared circle. In fact, our latest "List This!" is so extreme, we suggest grabbing a tall glass of ice water and some restraints before proceeding.

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