Miraculous Mayhem

Miraculous Mayhem

In a September 2007 edition of SmackDown, the "Rough Side" of The Great Khali was unleashed in all its gargantuan fury, laying waste to an unsuspecting Rey Mysterio.

A week after establishing himself as the No. 1 contender to Khali's World Heavyweight Title, the Master of the 619 emerged victorious in an exhausting "I Quit" Match against Chavo Guerrero. But then, the Punjabi Giant appeared without warning, stomping menacingly into the ring and unleashing a vicious attack on his battle-weary prey. The only reward for Mysterio's attempts to launch an aerial counter assault against the giant was an enormous 18EEEE boot to the masked Superstar's face. As Mysterio gallantly struggled to his feet, he encountered a pain beyond human endurance as Khali wedged his skull in the merciless Vise Grip.

The unrelenting monster locked his long fingers completely around Mysterio's fragile skull, squeezing inward with all the force of a 7-foot-3 machine press, depriving oxygen into the Superstar's brain. By the time The Animal Batista was able to save his friend, and officials and EMTs rushed to pick up the pieces of the carnage, a sight too graphic to describe in words had already left the WWE Universe shocked and horrified, as if their worst nightmares had come true before their very eyes.

Perhaps the most shocking sight, however, was the expression on The Great Khali's face after the attack. As he exited from Cincinnati's U.S. Bank Arena that night, a look of absolute pleasure covered his face, displaying the giant's "Rough Side" for all to see -- a sight WWE.com will remember as its No. 3 "Rough Side Moment."

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