5: Monumental Celebrations of Peace and Joy

5: Monumental Celebrations of Peace and Joy

As unrelenting as many Superstars in WWE might consider The Great Khali to be, on two occasions his unsuspecting "Soft Side" truly brought the giant joy, and allowed him to spread his jubilant influence across the WWE Universe. These two occasions tower over four other "Rough Side/Soft Side" Moments to claim the No. 5 spot.

Who could ever forget the extraordinary SmackDown in July 2007 in Fresno, Calif., when the then-new World Heavyweight Champion literary rolled out the red carpet to throw a fantastic "Championship Celebration." During the high-spirited revelry, the 7-foot-3 giant actually danced, sort of, surrounding himself with the unlimited positive energy of his adoring worshippers who pranced and bowed before his colossal presence. Truly, it was to be a night of triumphant bliss, at least until Batista came down to ringside and broke up the party.

Even more magnificent, however, was Khali's Punjabi Peace Offering to Big Show that took place on SmackDown in April 2008. Rather than letting the escalating tension between him and The World's Largest Athlete lead to an unnecessary confrontation in which he might hurt his fellow Superstar, the "Soft Side" of The Great Khali attempted to quell the brewing conflict. He made offers of tremendous generosity to his would-be enemy through numerous tokens including magical water from the Ganges River, a healthy bottle of Indian Scotch, a live chicken in case of hunger and even a goat that Khali claimed would help quench Big Show's thirst. Despite his magnanimous gesture, his attempt at peace proved to be ill-fated, as his face experienced the immense force of Big Show's mighty fist. 

WWE fans long to see more of the "Softer Side" of The Great Khali. If they could, perhaps the Punjabi Giant would not continue to be feared as such a ruthless monster.

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