Dreamer's a nightmare for Raven

Dreamer's a nightmare for Raven

ECW Superstar Tommy Dreamer has seen more than his fair share of Extreme action throughout his storied career. No other individual, however, was able to invoke the Dreamer's "Rough Side" more then his archrival, Raven.

The rivalry had dated back to their childhood, with these two ring warriors consistently competing as polar opposites -- Dreamer was the popular athlete while Raven was deemed a reject. When their paths crossed again in the formative years of ECW, the hatred between them resulted in some of the most brutal matches within the Land of the Extreme.

However, on July 15, 1995, at ECW's Heat Wave '95, Tommy Dreamer's "Rough Side" erupted on a level never seen before. After a Steel Cage Match between Raven's ally, Stevie Richards, and Luna Vachon, Dreamer & The Pitbulls rushed to ringside to save Luna and confront Richards & Raven.

After the trio disposed of Richards and The Pitbulls took Luna to the safety, Dreamer had an incapacitated Raven all to himself inside the locked steel confines. With the upper hand, Tommy had the chance to give Raven a taste of the brutality that the rival had long bestowed on him -- and he did.

Pulling two pairs of handcuffs from his boots, Dreamer positioned Raven against the cold steel, handcuffing both his arms and leaving him completely defenseless. He then grabbed a steel chair and, in what may believe to be the single roughest moment of his Extreme career, he swung with all the force and aggression that had built up within him, unloading on Raven's skull with what is known to our fans as "the chair-shot heard around the world."

This thunderous blow was so brutal and encapsulated Dreamer's "Rough Side" so completely that it had to make WWE.com's List, squeezing in at No. 10.

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