Superstars' Rough Side/Soft Side Moments

Superstars' Rough Side/Soft Side Moments

"List This!" is both brutally tough and incredibly smooth this month, as and Axe's new Detailer Shower Tool for men team up to scour through the "Rough Side" and "Soft Side" of WWE's Superstars.

One thing that sets WWE's Superstars apart from other athletes is their always-innovative unpredictability. Who knows what side you'll see when our ring warriors hop out of the locker room shower and into the squared circle? Just as the Detailer has a red scrub side and black mesh side, the Superstars in this edition of "List This!" have exhibited the rough and soft aspects of their personalities at different times in their storied careers.

With that, lather up for's "List This!", which showers you with the "Rough Side/Soft Side Moments" from several of the greatest sports-entertainers you can never accuse of throwing in the towel.

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