Deadman Lives!

Deadman Lives!

Like a pair of revved-up muscle cars chomping at the starting line, Batista and Undertaker rumbled into Detroit's Ford Field and provided 80,000 keyed up fans with's No. 1 'Mania Match That Made Us Sweat.

The reigning World Heavyweight Champion Batista laid his title on the line, while The Deadman gambled with his perfect 14-0 WrestleMania record. In a match that would see the momentum shift more than a Mustang on a test drive, The Animal and The Phenom were both firing on all cylinders.

Batista wasted no time unleashing a spear on Undertaker, planting him flat on his back. The Deadman wouldn't stay there for long, though. He rallied with a flurry of blows to the World Heavyweight Champion's midsection.

The advantage, however, would swing several times more. In a fit of rage, The Animal slammed Undertaker through an announcer's table. He then dragged his opponent to the ring for the pinfall, but The Phenom would twice deny him.

After summoning his inner demons, The Lord of Darkness was able to level Batista with The Last Ride. From there, these two warriors would trade moves that would render mere mortals lifeless: Batista hurled Undertaker to the canvas with a spinebuster, Undertaker retaliated with a chokeslam. It was then Batista's turn to destroy his rival once and for all with a colossal Batista Bomb. It should have been over, done, turn out the lights.  

The Champion soon learned, however, that it is impossible to kill that which is already dead.

Like a man possessed, Undertaker rose from the mat, fueled by the monstrous roar of fans assembled to witness the improbable act. The Phenom somehow gathered enough strength to flip The Animal in his arms and administer a Tombstone Piledriver to finally end the match.

With that, the World Heavyweight Champion found himself dethroned, and the most impressive winning streak in WrestleMania history, much like Undertaker himself, was remarkably resurrected from the dead.

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