Great Highway Robberies in WWE History

Great Highway Robberies in WWE History

After tracking down clues and dusting for prints, and STUDIOS' Armored, in theaters Dec. 4, steal away moments of your time with the latest edition of "List This!" wherein we shine a spotlight on the 10 Great Highway Robberies in WWE History.

Confronting the criminal element takes caution, moxie and more than our share of street smarts. After painstaking investigation, however, managed to compile a line-up of the most flagrant larcenies, insidious inside jobs and brazen acts of burglary WWE has ever known.

Join us every day as we take you on an arresting journey that traces the pilfering practices of some of WWE's shadiest Superstars. Your only duties are to keep a vigilant eye on your wallet and to soak up this illicit edition of "List This!"

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