Repugnant pilfering

Repugnant pilfering

In the movie Raising Arizona, Nicolas Cage stars as an ex con who "happens" upon a baby with his wife. During one of the movie's wild moments, Cage's character attempts to rob a convenience store to score one item … diapers. And, much like the diapers in the movie, The Miz and Jack Swagger are both full of it -- that was especially the case earlier this year when they each robbed Kofi Kingston of his U.S. Championship. This infantile behavior lands at No. 9 on List This! Great Highway Robberies is WWE History.

For two weeks straight, Kofi fell victim to the thievery. First, the self-proclaimed "Awesome One," The Miz, walked out with Kofi's bling after a loss in a title match on Raw. Apparently, this wasn't the "awesome" result the obnoxious Ohioan expected -- or touted to the audience before the first ring bell.

Less than a week later, "The All-American American" displayed his none-too-patriotic ways. Swagger initially blocked The Miz from stealing Kingston's championship a second time, only to lift the gold himself after his own title match loss.

Can someone say "sore losers"?

But Kofi would have the last laugh at Hell in a Cell during a Triple Threat Match, when The Miz and Swagger couldn't put their differences -- or egos -- aside and work together to defeat Kingston. In one of the most difficult matches in his young career, Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise and pinned The Miz to retain his coveted U.S. Championship under lock and key.

And, unlike the diapers in Raising Arizona, after Hell in a Cell, The Miz and Swagger's thievery and excuses didn't hold much water.

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