Mop top chopped

Mop top chopped

WWE's most famous piece of janitorial equipment met its gruesome end in the No. 8 moment of List This! Great Highway Robberies in WWE History, presented by Armored.

Perry Saturn came to WWE as part of The Radicalz, the disgruntled foursome from WCW that looked to change the status quo. And as a submission specialist, Saturn loved to inflict pain on others with his Rings of Saturn finishing maneuver.

However, after brutal beatings and excruciating pain at the hands of the APA and Raven in spring of 2001, Saturn started to lose his mental faculties. His speech became erratic and nonsensical. He'd speak in gibberish, uttering the phrase, "You're welcome" at inopportune, yet hilarious moments.

But strangest of all, in June 2001, Saturn became close friends with Moppy Q. McMopperson, or "Moppy," a janitor's mop he found under the ring during a hardcore match. And it was love at first sight.

Saturn became smitten with Moppy, and started carrying it with him everywhere he went. The mop became a sympathetic ear for the lonely, strange-minded Superstar, became Saturn's "corner man," (err ... corner mop?) and was often used as Saturn's secret weapon in hardcore matches.

When Saturn spurned the advances of his manager, WWE Diva Terri Runnels, and chose Moppy's companionship over hers, Terri's anger and frustration reached their boiling point. In September 2001, Moppy was stolen from the ring as Saturn competed on Raw. The distraught Superstar frantically searched arenas for his inanimate companion for several weeks, even filing a missing persons report with the police, and pleading with fans from WWE New York to help find Moppy.

Then one night on Raw, after Saturn won his match, Terri appeared on the TitanTron with Saturn's rival, Raven, and the beloved cleaning tool strapped to a log on the feed chute of a wood chipper. (WATCH)

Terri publicly rebuked the concerned Superstar for rejecting her, then watched gleefully as Raven injected the log and Moppy into the chipper hopper, turning the mop into instant kindling.

Saturn was crushed emotionally, but used that anger and love for Moppy to exact revenge on Raven, defeating him at Unforgiven in September 2001.

In the end, love prevailed ... we think ...

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