Canine caper

Canine caper

She was an endearing, playful and cuddly companion to nearly everyone -- except Bobby Heenan.

The British Bulldogs' Matilda was maliciously "dognapped" by the conniving manager and his devious cohorts, The Islanders, in December 1987 -- making this the No. 7 all-time Great Highway Robbery in WWE History.

Although the legendary mascot was considered innocent to the rest of the WWE Universe, Heenan despised the playful creature. "The Brain" often called the bulldog spiteful names such as "dirty, flea-bitten, miserable, filthy and vicious."

Prior to a scheduled match between The British Bulldogs and The Islanders, the pitiless bully distracted Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid -- allowing Haku & Tama to steal Matilda from outside the ring.

Stunned and heart-broken, Matilda's owners raced after their ruthless rivals to the locker room. However, the English ring warriors had no luck tracking down their beloved pet.

Heenan and The Islanders claimed they had no idea where Matilda was, and refused to take blame for her disappearance.  It was clear, though, they were fully aware of what they did and what they had accomplished.

After WWE President Jack Tunney and his staff conducted a thorough investigation, the pooch was eventually returned to her masters, culminating in a Six-Man Tag Team Match at WrestleMania IV.

Despite losing the match, the former World Tag Champions & Koko B. Ware (with Matilda and The Birdman's parrot Frankie ringside) got some revenge when they faced off against The Islanders & Heenan.

Establishing her own WrestleMania moment, Matilda, furthermore, caught up with the coldblooded felon down the aisle after the bout and nibbled away at "The Brain." Covered in slobber, Heenan was the one ultimately wishing he never messed with one of WWE's all-time beloved mascots.

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