The ol' switcheroo

The ol' switcheroo

Every man dreams of winning the Royal Rumble and going on to headline WrestleMania, and it all starts with what entry number you draw for the 30-man over-the-top-rope Battle Royal. The most coveted spot to enter is No. 30, making you the last man to enter giving you the best chance of standing victorious in the end.

At the 2005 Royal Rumble, future Hall of Famers Ric Flair and the late Eddie Guerrero walked up together to the ball tumbler containing the Rumble entry numbers both in hopes of drawing the spot that would lead them to victory. What followed comes in at No. 6 on the list of the Great Highway Robberies in WWE History.

After eyeing their numbers, "Nature Boy" couldn't contain his excitement and was stylin' and profilin' with his celebration, while Guerrero was much more solemn. In a sign of good sportsmanship, Latino Heat congratulated Flair with a hug, and headed to his locker room.

Moments later, when showing off his number, "Naitch" was quick to discover that he had been duped. While peers stared at with quizzical looks, Flair glanced down and saw that the No. 30 entry he had drawn was no longer what he held, but instead the No. 1 spot.

Then, Flair realized that the sign of Guerrero's sportsmanship wishing the Nature Boy good luck was actually Eddie capitalizing on his opportunity to "upgrade" from the first entry to the coveted final position. Both embarrassed and furious, Flair stormed off in chase of Guerrero to retrieve his original Rumble pick.

Although later in the night, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long would force Guerrero to return to Flair his pick, and wallet, Eddie's quick thinking and sly swap allows the late WWE Hall of Famer to land at No. 6 with one of the Great Highway Robberies in WWE History.

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