Double deckers

Double deckers

The WWE Universe voted for Shawn Michaels to compete for the WWE Championship at Taboo Tuesday in November 2005. Yet it was the two Superstars who lost out on the voting -- Big Show and Kane -- who walked away with a golden consolation prize after joining forces and winning the World Tag Team Championship. Their unforeseen alliance ranks in at the No. 9 spot of's "List This: Heated Pursuits in WWE History."

The two behemoths weren't happy about losing in's interactive poll deciding the final contenders in a Triple Threat Match against WWE Champion John Cena & Kurt Angle. The sting of disappointment wouldn't last long, though. Kane & Big Show paired up for a World Tag Team Title Match, sending them on a whirlwind course with destiny. Fate threw the two decidedly conflicting personalities together to create an epic union that would catapult itself to the top of the tag division.

The Big Red Monster instantly brought fear into the ring, carrying the aura of the dark side with a hellish look in his eyes. Big Show, though often considered more of a carefree giant, was anything but gentle once inside the squared circle, with size 18EEEEEE boots that could squash a head like a grape. Regardless, their divergent dispositions didn't deter from the fact that these two individually powerful entities would prove especially dominant as a tandem.

Of course, such dominance seemed unlikely at first, especially in the weeks heading into Taboo Tuesday. Big Show and Kane viciously pummeled one another -- and HBK -- in a precursory Triple Threat Match on Raw less than two weeks before the pay-per-view. The two Superstars were then paired together for a match one night before Taboo Tuesday, though they were far from being the same page; in fact, they spent the entire match trying to outdo each other, much to the losing Heart Throbs' chagrin.

At Taboo Tuesday, then-World Tag Team Champions Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade were completely unaware of whom they were defending their titles against in San Diego. However, they couldn't help but notice the towering tandem with a combined weight of more than 800 pounds. Big Show & Kane quickly demonstrated that size does matter, taking the World Tag Team Titles with ease and ending the match with a devastating double chokeslam for Cade. For the proverbial icing on the cake, the new champions delivered the same to Murdoch, who had just re-entered the ring.

After being denied the right to battle for the ultimate individual prize, Big Show and Kane rose above their personal grudges -- enough, at least, to capture and hold the World Tag Team Titles for the next half-year. Their game of one-upmanship occasionally resurfaced during their titled tenure, but there was no disputing that the duo shared one essential goal: to dominate.

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