Evening the odd

Evening the odd

Not many could have imagined that the unlikely combination of Booker T and Goldust would form one of the most effective tag teams in WWE History. Their journey into the strange catapulted them to a World Tag Team Championship reign, dropping their unique union into the No. 10 spot on WWE.com's "List This! Heated Pursuits in WWE History" countdown.

Although both Superstars were outspoken, each approached his craft in a completely different style. Booker T, the former World Heavyweight Champion, was never afraid to speak his mind. Whether it was sweet-talking the Divas or doing the spinaroonie, he was always full of cockiness and personality. Goldust, on the other hand, presented his charisma in a whole different light … a golden light. With his extremely flamboyant persona, this outrageous Superstar utilized bizarre mind games to conquer his foes, making the strange an art form. The notion of these two Superstars forming a formidable tag team seemed more like mixing oil and vinegar

In 2002, Goldust knew instantly that Booker would be the perfect ally for him. However, Goldust's weird behavior did not sit too well with the former World Champion. Booker T made it clear he wanted nothing to do with Goldust, but this did not stop The Bizarre One. The persistence of the glamorous Superstar eventually paid off, and during the spring of 2002, the dynamic duo took off like a rocket.

During their time as a tag team, these two treated the WWE Universe with some extremely funny memories. These hysterical moments included dressing up Booker T as a lumberjack, outfitting Goldust as Steve Irwin ("The Crocodile Hunter") and even creating their own movie review show, Booker T and Goldust at the Movies.

The greatest highlight of the charismatic union came in December 2002, when Booker & Goldust captured the illustrious World Tag Team Titles when they defeated Chris Jericho & Christian at Armageddon.

The undeniable charisma of Booker T and Goldust quickly captivated the WWE Universe, launching the improbable pair into ultimate glory. Whether it was reenacting movies or winning championships, they proved that regardless of their differences, the opposites could attract a formidable legacy not soon forgotten.

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