Priceless deception

Priceless deception

Conniving and crossing his way to No. 9 on's "List This! Hardest Hitting Betrayals" is Cody Rhodes playing turncoat to Hardcore Holly at this year's Night of Champions.

A precarious pairing from the beginning, Rhodes and Holly never appeared to see eye-to-eye on much — including the World Tag Team Championship. Holly, the ring veteran, had wanted to take on the role as leader, with an overzealous Rhodes falling in line with Holly's direction. But after losses time and time again, a certain "priceless" rookie by the name of Ted DiBiase antagonized the champions, taunting them with his intentions to win World Tag Team gold in his debut match -- at Night of Champions with a "mystery partner."

With the sound of the bell, their pay-per-view match began with a partnerless DiBiase insisting his tag team cohort would be entering the ring shortly. Little did Hardcore know, however, that mystery competitor was his own partner,  who suddenly attacked Holly from behind (with a little distraction by DiBiase). Ultimately, Rhodes and DiBiase would annihilate Holly, gaining the World Tag Team Championship that night and displaying to the WWE Universe their "priceless partnership."

However, it wasn't DiBiase who convinced Cody Rhodes to turn against the man who helped him obtain his first championship in WWE. As time would reveal, it was Rhodes himself who approached DiBiase, claiming he was frustrated from losing matches, and supposedly "carrying" Holly since they captured the gold.

If the ideology rings true that every betrayal contains the perfect moment, this juncture by Rhodes was "simply priceless."

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