"Sycho" 101

"Sycho" 101

Shawn Michaels has never shied away from controversy throughout his career, and has even turned against friends and partners on occasion. However, karma has been known to bite back. Case in point: April 3, 1995, when HBK got a taste of his own medicine at the enormous hands of Sycho Sid, in a moment WWE.com recognizes as List This's No. 7 Hardest Hitting Betrayal.

After turning his back on his former tag team partner and bodyguard Diesel, Michaels headed into Royal Rumble '95 with one goal in mind: Winning and earning the chance to face his old partner for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania XI. The Showstopper did just that, and also introduced Sycho Sid as a new bodyguard who would help secure him the gold.

Sid would stand by Michaels - and aid in flooring any obstacles in HBK's path - along his Road to WrestleMania. However, when the night of WrestleMania XI came, it wasn't meant to be, as Michaels came up short in his WWE Championship Match against Diesel.

The following evening on Raw, HBK had a rematch against Diesel, but before his match, he addressed Sid about the result of the previous night, blaming his newest bodyguard solely for the loss. For that exact reason, Michaels told Sid he had the night off and he would go one-on-one with the champion by himself.

Things didn't exactly go as Michaels had planned, however. Instead of making his way to the back, Sid viciously attacked HBK in the center of the ring, driving The Showstopper down to the mat with not one, but three devastating powerbombs.

Ironically, Michaels' former bodyguard-turned-adversary would race down to the ring to make the save. But he was too late; Michaels' show had been stopped by Sid, preventing that night's WWE Championship rematch, as well as any in-ring action for Michaels for the next month. Clearly, for both HBK and our fans, Sycho Sid had emphatically planted himself among WWE's Hardest Hitting Betrayals.

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