From here to paternity

From here to paternity

Mr. McMahon… you are NOT the father!

After a mixed-up paternity test and months of being led to believe that he was the father of Hornswoggle, the Chairman finally learned the startling truth: It was Finlay who had, in fact, sired the love-starved leprechaun.

The revelation both stunned the WWE Universe and enraged the Chairman. So angered at the deception was Mr. McMahon, that on the Feb. 18, 2008, edition of Raw, he enlisted JBL to unleash a ruthless, steel cage attack on Hornswoggle. The ensuing result left the l'il guy hospitalized, and has forever earned the No. 6 spot on's List of Hardest Hitting Betrayals.

The daddy drama had begun five months earlier, when the Chairman was informed that a paternity suit had been filed against him. Like a sweaty-palmed guest on an episode of Maury, Mr. McMahon waited for weeks in nervous anticipation to learn the identity of his illegitimate son. When test results finally came in, they revealed Hornswoggle to be the newest McMahon.

The lovable leprechaun appeared ecstatic with the news. Mr. McMahon, on the other hand, was far less enthused. Over the next five months, however, the steely Chairman seemed to soften ever-so-slightly to his diminutive offspring. But just as it appeared a genuine bond was being forged, JBL pulled the rug out from Mr. McMahon, revealing that it was all a sham, that Finlay was Horny's real dad.

While Hornswoggle would eventually recover physically from the brutal betrayal, the relationship between him and the man he called "dad" had suffered a blow beyond repair.

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