Deception of The Deadman

Deception of The Deadman

Perhaps no Superstar-manager partnership in sports-entertainment history has been more successful than the special bond between Undertaker and his longtime manager, Paul Bearer. The duo reigned supreme side-by-side in WWE for close to five years, with The Phenom punishing anyone in his way, and Bearer making sure that the power in his urn was well-protected. All that changed, however, when Undertaker took on Mankind in the first-ever Boiler Room Brawl at SummerSlam 1996, the setting for's No. 2 Hardest Hitting Betrayal.

Throughout 1996, Undertaker and Mankind had been engrossed in one of WWE's greatest rivalries, and The Deadman entered the Boiler Room Brawl ready to put the final nail in the coffin of his deranged enemy. The two Superstars decimated each other in the boiler room, and as Mankind and Undertaker made their way back to the ring intent to claim victory, Paul Bearer stood in the ring with the urn in hand. The Phenom climbed into the ring and our fans in Cleveland's Gund Arena erupted, ready to watch as another Superstar was about to rest in peace.

But, when Undertaker knelt before his manager and reached out his hands to claim the urn and the win, Bearer suddenly turned his back. As The Deadman got to his feet to confront his most trusted friend and manager, Mankind attacked and slapped on the Mandible Claw. Adding injury to the insult of his betrayal, Bearer's sinister laugh accompanied Mankind's assault on The Deadman.

And in his final act as Undertaker's "friend," Bearer took the urn that had been a symbol of the bond between he and The Deadman, and smashed The Phenom over the head -- giving Mankind the victory and cementing the treacherous Bearer's plans.

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