Live Sex Edge-ucation

Live Sex Edge-ucation's No. 7 Greatest Moment in Raw History is also one of the most watched segments on any edition of Monday Night Raw. Defrosting the chill of a brisk January night in 2006, Edge and his main squeeze, Lita, engaged in a steamy and obscenely unprecedented Live Sex Celebration on Raw.

The Rated-R couple nearly turned NC-17 in an attempt to consummate Edge's controversial WWE Championship victory at New Year's Revolution. Twenty-four hours after the new champion cashed in his Money in the Bank title opportunity against John Cena -- who moments before had just barely prevailed in an intense Elimination Chamber Match -- Edge tried to land yet another spear on live television.

Swapping the Money in the Bank briefcase for a satin-sheeted bed in the middle of the ring, the Rated-R Superstar slowly stripped his fishnetted Diva down to the barest essentials, then joined her under the covers for some further exploration. Under pale purple lighting, Edge and Lita's sexual wooing of one another was suddenly interrupted by the much more recognizable "Woo"-ing of "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

To make matters worse for the prurient pair, former WWE Champion John Cena also made his way to the ring to crash the Rated-R couple's uncouth coital encounter. With an intervention from the Dr. of Thuganomics, an em-bare-assed Edge's sex celebration ended and the champion fled.

Unfortunately for Lita, the closest she got to scoring in the arena that evening was an FU at the hands of a justifiably irate Cena. Still, as calculated by the Rated-R Superstar, that night was certainly memorable; for years to come, the millions of viewers who witnessed Edge's fornicating festivities will undoubtedly remember its premature finish.

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