‘Tyson and Austin! Tyson and Austin!'

‘Tyson and Austin! Tyson and Austin!'

WWE.com's No. 5 Greatest Moment in Raw History was one of the most memorable events of the "Attitude" era. And who better suited this time than two of the baddest men on the planet, Mike Tyson and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin?

On Jan. 19, 1998, WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon was in his glory because "Iron" Mike Tyson was on Raw and he had big plans for boxing's controversial former heavyweight champion. But Stone Cold quickly rained on his parade, marching down to the ring and then announcing he wanted to cash in his Royal Rumble-earned title opportunity against WWE Champion Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania.

Of course, he only wanted to do that after he got "a piece of Mike Tyson's a**." Some "sign language" with his middle fingers sparked a brawl between The Rattlesnake and Tyson, and the Chairman was livid, screaming, "You ruined everything! You ruined everything, Austin!"

Tyson would briefly align himself with HBK and DX -- but then show his true colors at WrestleMania XIV when he played a key role in Austin winning the WWE Championship. He provided WWE with some unforgettable moments, which began on Raw and his respect for Stone Cold showed that Austin was the "World's Toughest Son of a Bitch."

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