Firing the first shot

Firing the first shot

Invading's Greatest Moments in Raw History at No. 4 is one of the instrumental battles fought during the epic Monday Night Wars -- one fought on enemy soil … by D-Generation X.

Breaching enemy lines for the first time ever, Triple H field-led a camo-clad quintet of D-Generates onto the turf of rival wrestling franchise WCW on April 27, 1998. Never before had any individual from a competing sports-entertainment promotion come so close to the frontlines, let alone acknowledge the competitor. That didn't stop their sergeant, The Game, from leading the DX troop to The Scope in Norfolk, Va. -- the arena hosting Monday Nitro that very evening.

"WCW, let my people go!" Triple H exclaimed, as he stood mounted atop a war-bound jeep with a cannon nestled between his army fatigue pant legs. With his subordinate DX soldiers at his side in their "X" labeled helmets, The Game corralled scores of supporters outside the arena and turned many WCW ticket holders into WWE diehards.

The D-Generates even tried to infiltrate the sports complex and ride their vehicle into the rear entrance of the arena, so that they might come face-to-camouflage painted face with their competitors. Though locked out, Triple H and his pack continued to bellow war cries that were undoubtedly heard by the athletes in the WCW locker room mere yards away.

Brazenly confronting the enemy and extinguishing the excitement for that night's edition of Nitro -- for fans and WCW's roster alike -- DX managed to "fire the first shot" in the Monday Night Wars. Not just the first shot, but also one of the most potent; this invasion proved to be a critical turning point in the clash for sports-entertainment supremacy in the late 1990s. And if WCW wasn't down with that, DX had two very specific words for them.

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