Going out with a boom

Going out with a boom
After Raw on the night of June 11, 2007, Mr. McMahon was quite literally the hot topic of nearly every major news source in the continental United States. His face blew up the front pages of newspapers, while his name could be found on most network news' web pages -- and the source of discussion surrounding the WWE Chairman had nothing to do with his adding more millions to his bank account, or backlash from berating high-profile public figures like Donald Trump or Bob Costas.

It was on that seemingly ordinary night in Wilkes Barre, Pa., that Mr. McMahon left the arena, stepped into a limousine and pulled the door shut. When the car door closed, that's when things heated up.

A massive inferno lit up the sky as shrapnel from the limo -- with the Chairman presumably caught inside --dispersed across northeastern Pennsylvania. The fans watching Raw live gasped as eyebrows raised and hands covered mouths. Even a tear may have been shed by the one lonely kid wearing a bad tie and ugly sports coat like his presumed deceased hero.

The remaining McMahon heirs (Linda, Shane and Stephanie) hired an investigator to uncover the culprit (or culprits) behind what was soon determined as a hostile crime. Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman assumed control of Raw, while all of WWE's Superstars and Divas were left to ponder what life in sports-entertainment would be like without the tyranny, the erraticism and, let's face it, the genius that was Mr. McMahon. For a brief moment in time, there were some people on Earth who seemed to have actually cared about this man who loathed commoners, threw his wealth and power in everyone's faces, and lived to cheat for his own cause.

The warmth and fuzziness that some people may have felt didn't last long, however. In fact, it would morph quickly into a greater degree of disdain when, two months later, the WWE Chairman decided to return from his self-imposed hiatus. And he did so with a vengeance, becoming more sardonic, more cantankerous and much more phlegmatic toward his Superstars' and Divas' needs or wants. Once again, World Wrestling Entertainment was the Chairman's kingdom to rule.

It may have only been a two-month span, but for that stretch WWE was without its founder, its father. It should have been a time to create fond memories that highlighted Mr. McMahon's innumerable contributions since WrestleMania's inception in 1985. Instead, in faking his demise, he became more deplorable and more disgusting in our fans' eyes. In fact, it's safe to say that any compassion for WWE's Chairman disintegrated with most of his limousine on that fateful night in June 2007-- and the No. 13 Greatest Moment in Raw History.

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