If you can't beat 'em, join 'em

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em

They say anything can happen in WWE. Perhaps no event better epitomized that statement more than WWE.com's No. 10 Greatest Moment in Raw History, when Mr. McMahon introduced Eric Bischoff -- the man who had tried and failed to destroy the Chairman and WWE -- as Raw's new General Manager.

Bischoff was WCW's general that waged the infamous Monday Night Wars between Nitro and Raw. As the architect of Nitro's 83-week winning streak in the ratings battle with Raw, he gleefully employed the dirtiest of tactics (like revealing Raw's match results on the occasions the show was pre-recorded) and openly challenging the Chairman. But internal company turmoil, Bischoff's ego and WWE's ingenuity and sheer refusal to give up led to WCW's downfall.

So, when Bischoff suddenly showed up in the Raw locker room on July 15, 2002, the Superstars' jaws dropped as everyone wondered why he was there. The answer to that question came, but it only triggered more intrigue. Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler were left almost speechless at the sight of McMahon and Bischoff hugging and lifting each other's hands in victory.

"J.R., I used to sit in the same broadcast booth and watch Vince wish death upon this man," Lawler said incredulously. "Now look at this! They're hugging each other!"

The Bischoff-McMahon union was a match made ultimately in hell -- for Bischoff. The Chairman seemed to take delight in making his former rival squirm every chance he could during his tenure. Bischoff was unceremoniously -- and literally -- taken out with the trash during his public firing in 2005. Nevertheless, no one will ever forget his most unlikely hiring.

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