Extreme closeup

Extreme closeup

At The Grandest Stage of Them All -- WrestleMania -- few WWE Superstars have accomplished as much, and impressed the WWE Universe more, than Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. A perennial provider of classic and unforgettable matches, Michaels has been aptly dubbed "Mr. WrestleMania," while The Undertaker's undefeated streak at ‘Mania is one of the greatest feats in the history of WWE.

Although The Undertaker's record at WrestleMania heading into his match at the 25th anniversary of the event stood at an incredible 16-0, The Phenom was forced to take a leap of faith in order to keep his record intact against the biggest threat to the streak in history, Michaels, a man he had never beaten before. The incredible lengths to which The Deadman had to undergo earn him the No. 6 spot on WWE.com's Great Leaps of Faith.

Midway through this historic encounter, the action spilled to the outside of the ring. Michaels attempted to cause serious damage to The Undertaker by executing a moonsault from the top rope, however, The Deadman evaded HBK, leaving Michaels laid out on the floor. With more than 72,000 members of the WWE Universe cheering him on, The Undertaker then attempted an aerial assault of his own.

Climbing back into the ring, The Phenom took a running start, and leaped head first at Michaels -- clear over the top rope -- risking life and limb to preserve what he had worked his entire career to obtain. However, by this time Michaels had recovered and, in one fluid motion, dodged The Deadman's mid-air attack and pushed a nearby cameraman into the path of The Undertaker. The unfortunate camera man was decimated by The Phenom, the collision leaving them both incapacitated. Although Michaels urged the referee to count out The Undertaker, The Deadman rose from the ashes of his risky assault, and made his way back into the ring before the count of 10, allowing this classic match to continue.

The Undertaker would go on to defeat Shawn Michaels in the match, improving his record at WrestleMania to an unrivaled 17-0. His leap over the top rope personifies the effort and determination The Phenom has put into his entire WrestleMania career, whose record will likely never be equaled.

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