Spear mint

Spear mint

Tables. Ladders. Chairs. These three infamous in-ring implements have always sent shockwaves throughout the WWE Universe whenever they've come into play. However, when they're all involved in a single match, the results can be career-changing -- for better or for worse.

Such was the case at WrestleMania X-Seven in 2001, where The Hardys, Edge & Christian and The Dudley Boyz literally collided for the World Tag Team Championship in the second-ever Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match. It was during that historic bout when Edge launched himself off the top of a ladder to execute a mind-blowing, mid-air Spear on Jeff Hardy, thereby elevating The Rated-R Superstar the No. 1 spot on WWE.com's "Great Leaps of Faith."

In a harrowing contest that saw wood splintered, steel dented and bodies battered, Jeff Hardy ascended one of three ladders set up in the ring to make a grab for the World Tag Team Titles, which hung precariously above the competitors' heads. But as Hardy fought to unfasten the titles and pick up the victory for himself and his brother, Matt, Bubba Ray Dudley took Hardy's ladder right out from underneath the high-flying Superstar, leaving him dangling in the air like a worm on a hook.

Edge -- who, fittingly, would one day become known to the WWE Universe as The Ultimate Opportunist -- saw in Hardy's predicament a chance to deliver a decisive blow to his rival. Launching himself off a second ladder, Edge hit Hardy with a stunning mid-air Spear, sending both Superstars crashing 20 feet to the mat while a record-breaking crowd of nearly 68,000 fans at Houston's Astrodome rose to its feet with a deafening roar. Although he put his own body on the line in the process, Edge's gravity-defying act had snatched victory away from the Hardys and forced this contest -- arguably among the most explosive in WrestleMania history -- to continue.

After punishing Hardy with his bold, aerially-executed signature maneuver, Edge and then-tag team partner Christian would go on to capture the titles just moments later, marking their second WrestleMania World Tag Team Championship win in as many years (and their second TLC win in a row). Edge's risk was certainly worth the rich reward on The Grandest Stage of Them All -- and atop WWE.com's list of leaps.

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