Great Leaps of Faith

Great Leaps of Faith

A leap of faith -- when one takes action with no concrete evidence that it will produce the desired result. Such is the world of a select few WWE Superstars. These risky, high-octane maneuvers bring the WWE Universe to its collective feet ... and opponents laying flat on the canvas.

Pioneers like Shawn Michaels revolutionized the squared circle acrobatics, combining strong technical skills with amazing aerial tactics. Who can forget HBK's jaw-dropping performances on The Grandest Stage of Them All year after year after year?

Thankfully, the aerial innovation of such high-risk maneuvers continues even now that "Sweet Chin Music" has ended. A new generation of high-flying Superstars have kept the tradition soaring. Look at the thrilling Evan "Air" Bourne, who gets thousands of fans' hearts pounding even as he steps onto the top turnbuckle. With an incredible rotation, Bourne's devastating -- and stupefying --Shooting Star Press must be seen to be believed.

In our "Great Leaps of Faith" edition of "List This!" powered by Criss Angel Mindfreak, looks at six incredible moments WWE's ascending athletes have made throughout history. Defying logic while putting their bodies on the line? It's just another day for these Superstar daredevils.

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