Pacific Threat

Pacific Threat's No. 8 Greatest Tag Team wasn't terribly big on words, preferring instead to let the duo's massive frames do the talking. The Wild Samoans, consisting of brothers Afa & Sika, didn't need to brag or boast to make a statement; they simply dominated opponents for 30 years and, along the way, notched 21 tag titles from around the globe, including three WWE World Tag Team Championships in the early 1980s.

The savage tandem hailed from the South Pacific island of their namesake and would inflict pain on their opponents with virtually no regard for their own safety or well-being. Managed by the scruffy Capt. Lou Albano, the beefy brothers of brutality would butt heads before a match just to see who would get first crack at their opponents. During bouts, they would exhibit an unorthodox style, emitting cavernous grunts and digging their fingers knuckle-deep up their noses. Not content to simply defeat opponents, the islanders were determined to obliterate them, often with rib-wrecking Samoan Drops—a move now cemented in many WWE repertoires. To reward themselves for a match well won, the duo would devour their most prized of provisions: Raw fish.

Afa & Sika have since retired from the ring, but their animalistic antics live on. In 2007, the Wild Samoans were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. It wasn't simply the chaos and crazy Afros that propelled the brothers to the pinnacle of sports-entertainment; the primitive pairing was also recognized for its revolutionary style and utter dominance—qualities that continue to be held in highest esteem by tag teams throughout World Wrestling Entertainment.

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