Greatest SummerSlam Moments

Greatest SummerSlam Moments

As WWE fans get their flip-flops, suntan lotion and replica WWE Championships ready for the Biggest Party of the Summer live on pay-per-view,'s List This! looks back at SummerSlam's greatest matches, milestones and (mega) "wardrobe malfunctions."

A few of those great SummerSlam moments that List This! will recount over the next 10 days also happen to be moments that SmackDown young lions, The Major Brothers, can vividly recall because they were in attendance at the time. With SummerSlam emanating from the northeast, the Long Island pair was live at the summer's hottest pay-per-view event in 1991, 1998 and 2002.

"Brett and I have attended three SummerSlams, and it's definitely my favorite event of the year," said Brian. "Yes, WrestleMania's the ‘grand-daddy of them all,' but SummerSlam is very special too."

Citing epic moments such as Rey Mysterio's WWE pay-per-view debut and former Superstar Brock Lesnar's very first WWE Championship victory over The Rock in 2002, Brian also candidly described his attendance at two monumental SummerSlams in New York City.

"My favorite match of all time took place in Madison Square Garden in '91, when Mr. Perfect went head-to-head with Bret "Hit Man" Hart -- it was amazing," he claimed. "Seven years later, [Brett and I] saw Triple H face The Rock in a Ladder Match. My seat was right above the entranceway, and every time they'd climb the ladder, you could see me on camera."

The other half of the fraternal tandem, Brett, explained that 1991 was his favorite SummerSlam as well, though contrary to his brother's thoughts, he most fondly recalls that night's main event involving Ultimate Warrior & Hulk Hogan and the Triangle of Terror (Sgt. Slaughter, Col. Mustafa & Gen. Adnan). Perhaps Brett's most colorful SummerSlam memory, however, took place at the Nassau County Veterans Coliseum, on his native Long Island.

"In 2002, Shawn Michaels made his in-ring return to WWE against Triple H; I was so pumped," Brett said. "I beat Brian and bought tickets beforehand. I got the official SummerSlam chair and sat in the fifth row wearing my HBK zebra wristbands, biker hat and heart-shaped sunglasses. You can see me throughout the entire event with my sign that read, ‘HBK STILL RULES.'"

The Majors agree that since fulfilling their childhood dream of becoming WWE Superstars, they are more excited about SummerSlam than ever. No longer watching from the stands, they now have the almost-surreal view from between the ropes. Just as they are looking forward to this year's summer spectacle, Brett & Brian claimed that they hope to one day make their own historic SummerSlam moment.

Fortunately, the brothers can continue to relive past SummerSlam milestones right here on with List This! Which of Brett & Brian's favorite moments made it on the countdown? Will any of your favorites make the cut? Continue to check back with each day to find out. Or just fire up the barbecue grill, break out the iced tea and start reading now...

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