Lana's movie, 'Pitch Perfect 2,' tops the box office

Lana's movie, 'Pitch Perfect 2,' tops the box office


Lana discusses her role in the success of "Pitch Perfect 2'

The Ravishing Russian talks to Renee Young about her role in making "Pitch Perfect 2" a box office success.

It’s been a good week for Lana. She terminated her allegiance with the bullish Rusev, rebounded beautifully with the charming Dolph Ziggler and her new film, “Pitch Perfect 2,” is on the top of the box office.

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In the musical comedy about the competitive world of a capella singing, Lana reprises her "Pitch Perfect" role as a former member of the film's singing group, The Barden Bellas (and, no, we don't mean Nikki & Brie), starring alongside Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson. The Ravishing Russian was invited back for the sequel by Kendrick, who became a close friend of Lana's during production on the original film.

Lana's movie, 'Pitch Perfect 2,' tops the box office

“Pitch Perfect 2” earned nearly $70 million in its opening weekend, beating out “Mad Max: Fury Road” and dethroning “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

Lana will also star alongside WWE Hall of Famer Edge in WWE Studios' "Interrogation." It's the third installment in the Lionsgate Action Six-Pack, a series of films between WWE Studios and Lionsgate meant to showcase emerging talent.

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