Jon Stewart's 'kick heard 'round the world' makes headlines

When Mr. Money in the Bank "takes over" as host of "The Daily Show," Raw guest star Jon Stewart storms the ring.

News outlets are buzzing about what went down during the highly-anticipated and heated confrontation between Seth Rollins and "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart on Raw.

After interrupting Stewart's "Moment of Zen" on his show, Rollins invited the host to Monday Night Raw to settle their differences. Stewart accepted the invitaton and appeared as a guest on "The Daily Show with Seth Rollins." After trading quips, things got a little more intense. The situation took a serious turn when Rollins physically confronted "The Daily Show" host. Fortunately for Stewart, Randy Orton's music hit, distracting Rollins and allowing Stewart hit him where it counts.

It's certainly "the kick heard 'round the world." Here's what people are saying about it:

Jon Stewart joins the WWE cinematic universe, kicks Seth Rollins
Entertainment Weekly

Jon Stewart seals the Show on Raw
Baltimore Sun

Jon Stewart Showed Up For WWE's 'Monday Night Raw' And Kicked Seth Rollins In The Groin
Huffington Post

Jon Stewart Confronts WWE Star Seth Rollins on Monday Night Raw, Kicks Him Where It Hurts—Watch Now!
E! Online

Jon Stewart Confronts Seth Rollins on WWE Raw Amid Daily Show Feud: Funny Video!
US Magazine

Watch Jon Stewart Kick Seth Rollins Where It Hurts

Jon Stewart kicked Seth Rollins in the groin during WWE Monday Night Raw
USA Today

Jon Stewart goes nuts in WWE showdown with Seth Rollins
New York Daily News

Jon Stewart Delivers a Low Blow to Seth Rollins on WWE Monday Night Raw
The Wrap

Jon Stewart Stepped into the Ring with Seth Rollins and It Got Real

Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show" confronts Seth Rollins on WWE Monday Night Raw

Jon Stewart, Seth Rollins Feud Comes To a Head on WWE Raw
CBS Washington

Jon Stewart Takes the 'Low' Road Against Seth Rollins on WWE Raw
ABC  News

Jon Stewart kicks WWE wrestler low on RAW in Newark

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