Hilarious John Cena signs taking over ESPN ‘College GameDay’

Hilarious John Cena signs taking over ESPN ‘College GameDay’

Every year, NFL football dominates the airwaves in the fall and winter months. Saturdays, however, belong to NCAA FBS football, where elite college players and future NFL stars take the gridiron. When it comes to college football, it doesn’t matter which team or conference you support, there is one constant — ESPN “College GameDay.”

Two things set “College GameDay” apart from other sports news shows. First, “GameDay” is always shot on location at a specific campus — usually whichever school is in the high-profile game that will be played on ESPN or ABC that evening. The second element that makes “GameDay” stand out is a direct connection to WWE. There is always a huge audience behind the broadcast station and they have some of the funniest and most creative signs outside of Monday Night Raw.

There has been a recent trend on “College GameDay” that only strengthens the bond with WWE. Hilarious signs featuring John Cena have become a staple of the show. Often aimed at the visiting team, the signs range from popular Cena-inspired memes to variations of his popular mottos.

Currently hosted by Rece Davis, Kirk Herbstreit, Desmond Howard and Lee Corso, “GameDay” has become a Saturday morning tradition for the college football faithful. See if you can spot a Cena sign this weekend, or make your own!

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