Jerry "The King" Lawler joins forces with Dick Tracy

Jerry "The King" Lawler joins forces with Dick Tracy
America’s favorite crime fighter, Dick Tracy, gets a special tag-team partner in his daily newspaper comic strip. The legendary yellow fedora-wearing detective gets an assist from WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler.

The latest story features a criminal wrestler named Thunderchild who finds himself at odds with classic Dick Tracy character The Mole. During an event where Thunderchild is competing, Jerry “The King” Lawler serves as one of the play-by-play commentators, similar to his role on WWE Raw SuperShow. An avid comic book enthusiast and talented artist, Lawler was honored to be featured alongside the legendary detective.

“Mike Curtis, the writer of the strip, is a big WWE fan and called me a few weeks ago asking if he could include me in the story and help Tracy crack a case.” Lawler told “It’s almost surreal,” gushed the WWE Hall of Famer, “I grew up reading Dick Tracy’s adventures, so to be drawn with him is almost too good to be true.”

Dick Tracy, created by Chester Gould and distributed by Tribune Media Services, first appeared in newspapers in 1931. “I thought the only thing I had in common with Tracy was that we both started in 1931!” joked “The King.”

In the strip, Lawler doesn’t just call the action as Tracy tries to solve the case; he fights right alongside the world famous detective. “There’s a big surprise for Dick Tracy fans and WWE fans in Sunday’s conclusion.” Lawler revealed to without spoiling any details.

There’s one case the WWE Hall of Famer wishes that Dick Tracy were real to solve, and it involves none other than Michael Cole. “I wish Tracy were around in real life, I’d ask him to dig up some incriminating evidence on Michael Cole and put him away with The Mole and all those other cartoonish villains.”

To see Jerry “The King” Lawler in “Dick Tracy," CLICK HERE.

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