SmackDown's future bright on MyNetworkTV

STAMFORD, Conn. -- In a sign of the economic times, the Associated Press reported early Monday that MyNetworkTV says it will essentially become a rerun network next fall except for professional wrestling.

In light of today's announcement by MyNetworkTV, World Wrestling Entertainment officials are certain that SmackDown has a bright future.

WWE SmackDown, airing on Friday nights at 8/7 CT on MyNetworkTV, is the No. 1 program on Friday nights on all broadcast television for males younger than 50, including the key advertiser demos, M12-17 and M18-34.

WWE SmackDown will enter its 10th consecutive year this fall, attesting to the popularity and longevity of the brand.

Aside from WWE's Friday night program, MyNetworkTV will show reruns of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" and other series instead of developing new programs. MyNetworkTV will also stop programming on Saturday nights, leaving that night to their affiliates and owned stations. The move shows how the tough advertising climate is affecting television.

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