WWE evaluating and scouting OVW roster

The Senior Vice President of Talent Relations for WWE {NYSE:WWE}, John Laurinaitis, who is in charge of hiring and recruiting all WWE talent, paid a visit to Ohio Valley Wrestling this week to evaluate and scout OVW's roster for potential WWE Superstars. 

After an intensive tryout session, Laurinaitis talked with OVW talent at length concerning various subjects.  First and foremost, WWE still has a healthy, active relationship with OVW. WWE has not forgotten both the quantity and quality of stars who earned their way to the top by first passing through the doors of Davis Arena, and Laurinaitis expressed that he believed that OVW is still one of the premiere places in the world in which to receive an education in professional wrestling.

Secondly, WWE will be taking a much more active role in recruiting OVW developed talent. Officials from WWE will be paying a visit to Louisville, Ky., on a regular basis to evaluate and recruit talent from OVW's roster. This, combined with OVW's unique approach to the training and development of talent will provide anyone who is looking to make a name for themselves unlimited opportunities to succeed.

OVW runs an intense, weekly schedule, combining the physicality of our Beginners and Advanced classes, the frenetic, hectic pace of our TV tapings, and the unique experience of our weekend Live Events in the tri-state area. In addition to that, opportunities exist at nearly every level of the professional wrestling business, from refereeing to camera operator, to working on interviews and other on-camera skills; OVW offers a truly immersive training experience.

OVW will continue to supply the future of WWE, and professional wrestling as a whole, with talent that is trained at a level which can be achieved nowhere else in the world. John Laurinaitis put it best when he expressed that OVW is still the place to be if you desire an education in the art and the sport of professional wrestling.

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