WWE Superstar Chris Jericho tapped to host Fuse's "Redemption Song"

Fuse, the national music television network, has signed Chris Jericho, a World Wrestling Entertainment® (WWE) Superstar and lead singer of the heavy metal band Fozzy; to host the new original series Redemption Song, premiering Wednesday, Oct. 29 at 11 p.m. ET. The series follows 10 women as they compete for a last chance at musical stardom. The winner will receive a major record deal and star in a music video to air on Fuse.

"Many people know Chris Jericho as a WWE Superstar but he is also a musician and the lead singer of his own band Fozzy," said Matt Farber, executive vice president, Programming, Development and Digital. "Chris is someone who has worked hard to get to where he is today, and that experience makes him a valuable resource and mentor for these women vying for a chance at stardom."

For the last nine years, Chris Jericho has played for thousands and sold hundreds of thousands of records as the lead singer of Fozzy. As an avid rock fan and a rock star, Chris Jericho displayed his vast knowledge of music not only in talk, but in action as the host of the XM Satellite Radio show, "The Rock of Jericho."  During his WWE career, he has held six different titles and was the first ever Undisputed Champion of WWE.  From touring internationally to sold out shows, to starting his own record label, Ash Records, Chris Jericho understands the hard work and dedication it will take for these women to capture their dream of a record deal, that has long been out of their reach.

Produced by Zig-Zag Productions USA, Redemption Song pits 10 talented female singers with troubled pasts and bad attitudes against one another as they vie for a chance to realize their dream of fame and musical stardom. Each week, the women compete in a series of outlandish, transforming challenges, from performing at a Sweet 16 to being grilled by a publicist about their past, ultimately resulting in one girl sent packing. Only the strongest will be redeemed and given the opportunity to sign with a major music label. 

Please visit http://press.fuse.tv for more information.

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